Brighter Future

Beauty of life is to live

Not by mere existence

But be with enough, so to give

To clear and fulfill your conscience
Many weep deep within

Breathing and hoping to exist

Even with breath so clean

Yet, tears persist
Time is only a period, a phase

Fate befalls our path

It hurts to see a face

Bathed with fear and wrath
Wish is just a word

Residing in the dreams

Many hope to afford

Easing souls away from screams
Perception is beauty

Deeply thought of

Merely conceived by many pretty

Setting their goals off
Perfection is pictured soon

Dreamt, and drafted

Becoming a tycoon

Soon, dreams get shattered
Leaving many to plan ‘B’ option

Exist and get by

Survival becomes the mission

Even when they can’t answer why
Some wake up here

Even without sleeping

Knowing well, they must get there

Others glad and be smiling
Clients come and go

Doesn’t alter their plan

Even when unhappy to

Servicing various clan
No pain, no gain

Nothing good comes easy

Many prices becomes fain

We all hope for an account too busy


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