Clock In

“No place like home” the regular cliché that’s un arguably truth!
Its very intriguing having a family, more so, a home. Peace of mind is what differs a house from a home, every member of the house accorded their responsibility is what drives the house to metaphors into a home. Man providing, woman caring and children and wards playing their roles as well.
It is no doubt that a proper home naturally has a father, mother and the children. Its every man’s joy to return home to a loving wife willing to open arms and curdle the pains of stress away from the man after a hard days work. The woman in return deserves a man who would not only love, but to care and be there…by providing and making available his physical, emotional, spiritual etc, presence in anyway he’s expected to show any of these.
This has now become a myth in some homes where some men under the guise of office work and other selfish interests stroll down their home at usually Ungodly hours. No woman ever bargains for such as its every woman’s wish to have their husband home at reasonable hours. It has caused problems in most homes today where the man hangs out with the boys or concubine at the time he ought to be with madam and the family. For the impatient wife, rather than sit up all night waiting continuously every night, she would wear out someday and decide to try something new – such as their male employees who’s got it **Real Good** out of temptation and starvation the woman tries it once and enjoys it, on this note, the home is on the verge of hitting the iceberg. In other to keep ones home a man should weigh his actions thoroughly even those that are actually truly busy face high risk of broken home such as the big business men and politicians.
On the other hand, while most woman are able to bear it with the fear of GOD others are being quiet but with their own underground game and some others are going to be there waiting at all time for him to come in only to face physical assault. My prayer as you read is that may you not know such ills in your marriage.


“I DO”

Best of both words, I: the nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself. While Do: to act or conduct oneself; be in action; behave. Also means to Perform, Complete, Execute, Finish, etc
Let’s merge both I Do= a term mostly often used in matrimonial union of fresh or old couples whichever way. Meaning that the man as an individual has admit to forfeit his ‘I-ness’ for ‘We-ness’ or ‘Togetherness’ whichever way.
This on the other hand does not leave out the female party out as well, as she has affirmed to forfeit her individual personality for her togetherness with her partner as one. Meaning that all ways for both parties are expected to be adjusted to fit the third party, astound at that I suppose- Yes of course there’s one….both of them!

Whenever this three people co exist There’s always conflict of interest of usually the “I’s” in here. Its never said that between the two individual and the third person there’d never be argument, then how come whenever it comes we feel awful about it? Even some affairs could have this heat that could strike their relationship to the rock! It should be taken with utmost precaution in order to manage the heat well, otherwise some people loose it in this process. Even the Holy Books too say “Don’t expect to exist without being tested” if the firmer Prophets of GOD could be tested like Abraham And most, why then can’t ordinary men be too? Although its good to peace but not at the expense of certain frivolities, its best to call a spade a spade and deal with issues in a matured manner to avoid irrelevant intervention by the outside world. The simple key is effective communication, care and love. But most importantly in my view, is divinity, to pray often together and share pains and gains, try to be able to exist in such way like even when both are silent, you still feel as though its the best conversation.
Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion and the romance in the relationship and yet the love still burns like perfumed candle. Understanding matters much!