It is our graduation
Amidst this convocation
May God bless this institution
In today’s congregation

Our Citadel of learning
Well articulated and calculated bearing
Bestowed on us while growing
God, we thank you as we are leaving

We feel highly favoured today
As the sun shines, we make hay
May God make a way
As we exit, today and everyday

Lord, bless my parent
With divine esteem upliftment
As we threshold to new segment
To their pocket, please augment

We are happy in this state
Upon this glorious fate
Lord! Failure we hesitate
Every part of our life, as we graduate.

–Dedicated τ̣̣̥õ my kids@Bukyfield Nursary Α̲̅πϑ Primary School.–



When you can rise above your fears
to conquer every challenge
that comes to those who dare
to climb the highest heights;
When you can keep on getting up each
time you’ve failed or been knocked down;
When you can see your greatest strength
lies in your faith and gentleness,
your greatest courage in admitting
your faults, and with God’s help
strive to overcome them;
When you can accept responsibility
for resolving all your hurts and break
the chain from generations past;
When you can know and show a father’s
love and feel with all your heart;
When you can love yourself, others
and God more than earthly gain,
or fame and recognition, you will,

and indeed a GREAT MAN at that.


Tic says the clock
At such happy hour, we must rock
After all the entire road is block
Yea, whatever, even if the time toc

I only got one life
Why should I strife?
When grooving with my wife
Let’s flex till past five

As always, emissary calls hours after
Now the mood gets higher
Honey later we’ll say our prayer
Meanwhile, DJ please louder

Patience is HIS virtue
As hopefully, all subject construe
Why As salaat was sent through
To all of you

Worship is the food and gratitude HE seek
Now distorted and heart is weak
Please tell all especially party freak
This, to our maker is a bad streak

Prayer is the key
Only if we can see
No matter how busy
O Allah, on behalf of humans , I beg THEE

Brothers and sister, pls amidst all odds, a short while in observing our purpose of creation just might be the only chance we have to get there…happy Ramadhan in advance brothers and sisters.


In my own WORDS
I lay my pen to WRITE
Lines that pierce like a SWORD
Directly into your HEART
In life, we make MISTAKES
Which spells our IMPERFECTION
It in turn helps us TAKE
Acceptance of our DEFLECTION
Which yet spells our IMPERFECTION
Oh, what a handful of MISTAKE 

Nothing else could be BETTER
It gladdens to accept the ruins are DUE
A glory that only leaves us WISER
Just when we agree to RUE
Baby this love I bring you ANEW
Has long been OVERDUE
We are truly meant for each OTHER

So lets get better, closer and wax STRONGER!